QTribe lyrics



Max I'm sparkin blunts to all ya niggas Not a regular nigga right now But I'm bout it knowwhatImsaying Tarik Shalah I know I know Max I know son lot a niggas dig Matter fact dog Max Yo Tarik give the I.D'S Let the security open up the gates Hold the dogs Word! Show us the entrance Damn! What a difference Tarik Shalah Word up I'm not into that but Please Lord protect our families Forgive our enemies One love Max Word this is our life the way we live it See it feel it party people word up! Where my dogs is at where u at? Tarik Shalah Tarik Shalah the Max who that be? Q-Tribe coming open up baby Lyrically u ain't ready You ain't ready what? Max Ghetto's finest is that what u mean? Word up! Peace To all my people in Bechuanaland…….
She is mine

Tarik Shalah I remember back in the day while I was sittin in the front door radiator in the sluggish ghetto afternoon she came like a dream down the street from nowhere she said my name is Sharika and I said my name is Top Dawg Our eyes met I lost my breath then I said oh yes I love u girl she called Me her her chocolate brother I called her my sugar sista love at first sight The beauty of Sharika burns in my heart like a lover 's fire sharp like pain sweet like golden trumpets in the still of the night enslavin my heart Her heart is my temple our love trascends time and space in tones And rhythms soft like jazz notes unifyin families like atoms in compounds she is very special very special in every way any way I wanna die while we makin love lie dead while u warmin me Makin my temperature rise hold tightly kisses soft and wet wantin her So bad like Mandela wanted Graca she is a knockout every bell beep Pager beep phone beep my heart plays hop scotch then she is next to me Weekend dinner date at the Grand Palm read my palm everything she wants the moon and the stars sun and skies she is my queen of hearts I'm the king of diamonds interactin like twins in the depths of the womb My sugar heart breakin love build our chocolate city make love in paradise like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden other fish in the sea But I only love u CHORUS: One love to all my shorties out there (out there) One love to all my peeps out there (out there) One love to all the thugs out there (out there) x2) MAX: Shorty mini-skirts high heels make it prostitute related legs percolated Name Grace unlady like but nice face at Bull and Bush rollin the ace Wit fly girls lookin waitin for hot pizza cookin Indians fascinate my sight got peeps behind me in case they fight takin a bite the whole night wit all the girls on my right sip on a wine niggas touchin everythin is fine Cuz she is mine plans to leave give the keys and pay the fees took home some whiskey thoughts in mind filthy expensive clothes syndrome Made fortune from Aerodrome bone a girl tryin to change bad life better Tell her u like it when she put on a nice sweater cuz I know that the size of your mind average mine when it comes to the honeys the sugar mummies look at me hooker you wanna be in my team cuz of my props and cash crops but I'm sorry honey treat me like a sleepin life guard and just drown for me If I'm up and comin you all niggas are down and leavin vexin cuz the girl is mine BRIDGE: Love love love One love baby Love love love we want it baby CHORUS: One love to all my shorties out there (out there) One love to all my peeps out there (out there) One love to all the thugs out there
Ghetto's finest

INTRO: Party people Q-Tribe in the place to be (yeah) Ghetto's finest for the 999 the time to be (uh-huh) And that's it Can you see Q-Tribe help me sing (c'mon) MAX: I'm creative wit' compounds consecutive concepts to conquer I leave your situation hectic kid cuz you neglected the fact that I attract wack raps without magnetic forces envision collision when in my service its detriment how elements eliminates your sources Uplift your soul get your house in order MCs be actin like they Walkin on water who u wanna lie to I'll crucify u hammer to the nails Commence to impalin my acid flashback have everythin trailin Where u gonna run when M-AX hit the spot cuz I'm so hot like cajun Wit my lyrical getting physical like Domino my imperial steelo ain't accidental I'm like a Rough Rider tension and pleasure I give at the Same time cuz my rhymes cop treasure anytime Francistown 's finest Caviar for breakfast niggas know the half CHORUS : (Ghetto's finest) Are you ready to bag a bone? Cause Ghetto's finest is comin home wit me x3) Tarik Shalah You all been thirstin for the blessin like raindrops in the desert here to save you all as I unroll my scientific scrolls dine wit kings sleep wit queens rippin steelos like fruits outta roots livin niggas defenseless like HIV ridin this track like a mare in heat I rip the bucks off trunks like Ghetto hard bodies like RB2 we bring continuous vibrations skip the beats and spoil your day day-dream fail to comprehend I leave true realities true qualities illusions the quantities fly on a high Note like TCH commemorates beautific emotions arousin ululations On the occasion capturin cumulative mobility from the funk accelarator Generator of the club evaluators evacuators massive props pop up on the Bots scene like bright saturday night flicks on GBC telly the Dawg And the M-a-x untouchable like hot poker irons unforgettable for ever Lovable like Marble the apple of Able Q-TRIBE disturb musical rotations Vibes become staples like Shibobo minimize nonsense and maximize heads on the dance floor die hard fans demand more You didn't know? (MAX) Ghetto's finest baby boo what? (Tarik Shalah) Are you ready to bag a bone? CHORUS: (until fade)
Slow Jams

INTRO:Are you ready people speak to me Ma! Tarik Shalah Now is the time to open up the door to the sonic boom of the rhyme reaper the funk accelerator I'm the mind corrector I'm leave your Memory devoid of letters like sparletta however I ma mellow my flow Buz like a bee when I'm takin you down memory lane from point A to B u betta be aware of my hardware keeps me clickin like Za kickin Clectic guess who is the champion too much funk for the crowd is what I got when I hitcha wit tha slow jam CHORUS : (X3) Slow jam -Slow jam baby Just drive u crazy MAX: I'ma make love to u the first time I seen u I know u used to slow jams Ginuwine and slow CD's Some little wine to change your life on Crystal or French Don Shorty never tasted them since she was born Left me her telephone numbers and she was gone Sunrise open up my eyes wit' surprise spillin crystal on my thighs Eat left-out spaghetti can't imagine how she is so fly One in a million even though I keep the dough trillion I know money can't buy love CHORUS: (till fade)
Looking at you

Da looks

INTRO: Tarik Shalah Whats the day Max? MAX: Yo! Its Friday its payday u know the day I'ma get crunk cuz y'all will be drunk sittin on chrome Smokin dope stackin chips on chrome know we flow for the love of the dough bustin all microphone dustin airwaves like a cellular phone I'ma reign reign foreva rain like bad weather I be like killa bees Keep on comin forget the junk all big willies on top of the stairs on swivel chairs don't ever worry about us can't knock them down Can't knock the hustle drinkin castle u know the game feel my Steelo by now I'm amped up sugar cane stacked so high Won't believe what we have leave I'm the supa playa CHORUS: (x3) We got the looks yo! represent Represent represent Tarik Shalah Love drops to the man on the microphone telephonin to check on the honeys who is horny check the horn in the hot pants your mind is dirty fat bikini bases at the door g-strings for the gate-keeper where is the stripper what made u forget about the girl u fantasized last night Suge knight or Gladys Knight someone is right Eric wright is not alive Q-Tribe will keep up the memories not The misery tropic to tropic we represent city to city we celebrate Bright ideas we preach take us for granted take u to the Ganges Valley Valerie was there last week weekend specialisin wit' The Brenda Fassies no fuss no russ its in the middle of the medulla I'm engagin your girl next week you week lover for fun far from The Arizona is the Kalahari Harry is in a hurry so save your last breath Top Dawg will confuse your whole set up so shut up CHORUS: (Till fade)
A friend of mine

Who got beef?

Def Wish

Let it feel

Just u

Advance to the boardwalk



Da killa

Fly girl interlude


Tribes in Harmony

Tarik Shalah Comin outta planet earth here comes the Top Dawg Poles stand on ice meltin blood puddles gapin holes in The ozone layer hazards in the whole zone I'ma a chief that smokes rhumes outta tribal peace pipes Gun smoke thru my nose buttnaked in the tribal shrines Write classics in the boileroom MAX: Niggas addicted to blastin Gun clippin Niggas flippin And laughin Somebody creepin and they be dippin Situation gets drastic I'm buryin u perps I gets stupendous when u bust us The world is already filled so peace by any means is the only thing left among us But the evils the two vices Money and power have changed us Tarik Shalah Makin pennies for my tribe don't touch blood money Enough PULAS AND THEBES make sense See the world thru my tribe's eyes My niggas done guns and grenades hustlin for wages The CID haunt me like blood hounds Livin in fear of extinction schemes scandalous dangerous Like terrorists headin for the stone garden Perish per hour like Ebola in the Zaire CHORUS: If I could teach the world to live as tribes in harmony (x3) MAX: Know niggas that died in the field used to lace the trucks wit' the cuts for us Now they be gone for life Blazed in the place wit' a point five Now they baskin the sunshine of eternal bliss nigga please Blood flood dungarees Tarik Shalah Rat tat tat stops my gal heart who needs the peace treaties my pal six feet deep I'ma die in my sleep shady desparados lurk in the shadows Ain't nothin change but the playas click click click soundsa chains In the cella correctional facilities reproducin hardcore criminals Longin for the cellular to initiate power moves if it ain't tribal It ain't Q from the Masai Abrogines to the Eskimos tribes mobilise Like wild dogs zonin for a kill CHORUS(repeat) MAX: I need harmony and peace Stay humble give my tribe a kiss My prays be sincere may u rest in peace (RIP) Cuz my tribe won't cease to exist I'm too deep but I rhyme to please Q-Tribe nigga is sick like Sickle cell anaemia Tarik Shalah Brotha run into your gal arms find love from within Kisses for all races like Max say we need peace and harmony The world is a cold place stumble and fall get up son Q-tribe is here for u Top Dawg kickin wit tha Max Bear hugs for beer guzzlers Somethin go bad don't be mad Trust the kinfolk I seen street kids turn crooks never read books Drug addicts for grave dwellas Drug dealers livin on 9 millers Aquired immunity in the community Q-TRIBE explore the cyclones to expose need peace and harmony