All in a recipe for one love, Q-Tribe mix ghetto pain, Southern comfort and healthy conscious lyrics for a debut. Appropriately titled Ghetto’s Finest, the duo put a mirror up to the community with sleepy poignant rhymes that avoid being too nasty or preachy. Though many can relate Mase (Master of the Unknown) and Tariq Shalah take you to another level. Mase and his cohort,Tariq,share life stories, experiences and Thoughts of inner city life. Mase's absolute sleepy–with-no-chaser rhyme style was crafted around his love for Hip-Hop culture into a more poetic- minded direction. Tariq‘s slurpy gutter stylings and sandpaper timbre became an omnipresent fixture that declared the way for their ascension towards recognition.

The debut opens up with Ghetto’s Finest, stepping up with tight lyrics that are sure to get many heads on the dance floor. On the ghetto anthem "She is mine", they give lessons on relationships. "Tribes in harmony", "Da looks" and the R&B inspired track "Slow jams" could easily be the best Hip-Hop singles ever. Thus, the future looks brighter for the rapping duo. Lacing commercial lines with their turntable man, DJ Bax, under the helm on some of the joints, the duo are surely going to please sultry heads with their lyrical thesis. "Word,we just wanna ya all to get closer to us, feel us cuz we’ll make you say Damn! I used to do this, its true what they saying ." slurps Mase. Don’t be fooled by the titles, Q-Tribe ain’t going nowhere, they are here to stay. Hopes they experience longetivity though,Peace!!